Dr. Kelly A. Hedrick - Principal
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Mrs. Janet Smallwood
Assistant Principal

Susanne R. Meyerholz
Assistant Principal

A Message from the Administrators

We are dedicated to creating an educational environment where the needs of the gifted child are the focus for curriculum, instruction, and assessment. The academic, art, and dance programs are designed to maximize the potential of gifted children, support their learning needs, and help them establish a path for current and future success. Staff and administrators at Old Donation School, home of the Edward E. Brickell Academy,  are focused on creating a safe learning environment for all students where they are engaged in meaningful, rich, and rigorous instruction while supported academically, socially, and emotionally.

Significant partnerships with parents, extended family, and the community at large are a vital component of our community. Gifted students benefit from access to varied resources, engaging real-world experiences, and access to experts in the fields they study. Brickell Academy at Old Donation School seeks opportunities for enriching student experiences by extending learning to embrace our parents and our community.

This year's school-wide theme is Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known by Carl Sagan.  This message has been selected to be an inspiration for gifted children... you have tremendous potential that is to be encouraged, developed, refined, and celebrated in this learning environment. This them directly encourages students to find problems, seek original solutions, and then make it happen by being risk-takers who are creative producers.

We welcome you back to Brickell Academy at Old Donation School if you are returning to our programs -- and for all of our new students, parents, and staff members, we are thrilled that you are now part of our caring community of learners.